Kayley And The Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time a long time ago there was a girl named Kayley. She was beautiful. She got married to Morgan and Stefanie was her mum and Wayne was her dad and she had 5 sisters and 1 brother called Ruby, Charlotte, Alba, Isla, Taya and her brother’s name was Luke. He was married to Layla. She was beautiful. One day they went to the forest. It was so cool. So Alba had to get wood for a fire. So she went out and there was a man. She did not know who it was or what it looked like, but she sort of got a look at it. It had brown eyes, yellow face and a cap on. So she told Luke and that night there it was it was…
The monster. It was red, yellow and, brown monster. It was tall and it is a smiling monster, but it was still mean. So she told Kayley and she said to it I would hurt you but I will not because I love nature so I will not hurt you. Do you want to come back to camp with me. Ok come on. The next day they went home to Sunland. It was where people smile. It was a happy day. Everybody was happy.
The End


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