A Bloody Surprise

The yellow sun shone down on the red blanket that Marco and his family were using to go on a picnic with. Egg sandwiches, fruit, chips and many other delicious food were laid out on the warm fabric. Marco was kicking a football high in the air to himself while his parents talked about finances. He kicked the football a little too high with a twisting curve that landed somewhere in a little forest. Two minutes later he was stumbling in the bushes, trying to spot a yellow ball. A few minutes after not having much luck Marco decided to head back the way he had come before his parents freaked out, when he heard a crash as loud as a boom of thunder.
Marco jumped back by surprise, he was scared by what just happened. He ran out of the forest to see that he was staring at a tall, creepy purple house with peeling paint, windows smashed and pieces of glass with sharp, jagged edges lying on the doorstep at the front of the house. Marco stared at it weirdly as he realised that he had come out of the forest the wrong way and was lost. Suddenly he saw something fly out of a smashed window, it clattered on the rocky gravel. He slowly picked it up and saw red stuff in it. Without thinking he opened the lid and poured some of the stuff onto his hand. He peered at it in concentration and then felt like he was about to throw up. It was blood. Now, Marco was determined to find out the hidden secrets inside this creepy house immediately.
IIIIIIIIII, the wooden door creaked open to reveal a long hallway that then leads up onto a carpeted, brown staircase. Marco tip toes up the stairs when he hears footsteps in a room at the end of the hallway. He creeps down towards the door where he heard the noises from. He peers in through the keyhole, and he sees red prints of something on the floor. He opens the door to take a closer look. As Marco peers down onto the floor he realises that they are blood boot prints of someone’s shoe. He follows where the boot prints lead to, and then froze in fear. The prints stop at a dusty, ancient wardrobe. Marco steps towards the wardrobe, he slowly puts his hand on the cold, metal handle. He breathes twice then pulls open the wardrobe to find…


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