Navy Blue

"Omnes interficere!" the enemy spoke gibberish. They were also much stronger. We had to retreat but that was going to be very hard because we were suddenly surrounded. The looks on their faces were devilish. Their bullets were flying everywhere, raining on our site. Eventually we were the only ones left. We luckily were armed with powerful ammo but we were unluckily outnumbered. There was no way out. Powering the enemy dead, they just seemed to be coming back as if they were visiting from the afterlife. "We are so dead," I said to myself in a lonely voice, whilst destroying my nightmare. "There's a way out! Run!" I said, like a fearful tiger. My mind was holding on tight, my brain was doing the best it could, and my heart was beating faster than a falcon flying. I ran as speedily as my legs could take me, which was really fast, since I had 99% chance of dying. Still with a machine gun clutched in my hand I felt a tremble inside of me. For no reason I looked up at the sky. It was dark as a blackboard with black crayon markings all over it. There was no sun: the dark Navy Blue cloud had completely covered it. This meant bad luck. The war had gone on for 30 days, after this night, it’ll be 31. Unless..."shoot them," I yelled as if a chicken running angry from a fox. Before, we had Jack, David and Damian with us. All that was left was me and Rika. Running and shooting was the best we could do...Then suddenly, out of a mist come what looked like a middle-aged man. He was holding something, I didn't see what because of the thick fog, though I did see the enemy surrounding him. Then, whatever he was holding ...he dropped. BOOM!!!..."Gosh! That was a stinker Tom! my mum said. "Are you playing with your army toys again?". "Yeah!" I replied. "The Navy Blue and green ones!" Then I looked at the sun, it meant good luck. "We've won," I whispered to myself. I picked a Green Soldier up. "Want to play again?" I questioned the figure. "Yes," they said in a lowly voice. "Ok," I replied. This time I was ready.

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