The Owl, The Mouse And The Bee With Leaf Wings

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Note 2021' competition

The heat from the sun was scorching but that did not stop the bees from collecting bundles of pollen. One bee, heading straight to a luminous yellow sunflower, became stuck in an invisible net. A spider scuttled towards the petrified bee, lightly brushing the bee’s pollen-coated body before ripping her wings out.
Before the spider could consume the bee, a snowball fell from the sky, which broke the sticky web and released the terrified bee. The flustered bee landed beside a glass jar housing a tiny pale mouse from the feathery snowball, an owl. “I am not your meal today, you feathery carnivore” shouted the field mouse. In the bee’s mind, steam was pouring out of the mouse's tiny nostrils.
“How about you two stop arguing and apologise so we can move along,” suggested the bee. Although the bee was miniscule and cute, it was tough on the inside. Now, knowing the bee was not the person that anyone wanted to mess with, the owl and the mouse made peace.
“I have a cosy tree hollow that we could sleep in for the night,” explained owl.
“Would there be a chance of a cup of tea?” Mouse asked with a yawn.
In the morning, the sun’s glare was blocked by the spruce trees growing in the untamed grove. Opening one black eye, the bee saw the two other animals playing an intense card game of Snap. Crawling out of her sleeping position, she announced “I cannot thank you for saving me from the spider yesterday without first knowing your names. I am Pollen, the bee with no wings” she said.
“I’m Pickles, the owl who falls more than flies.”
“And I’m Jam, a lonely mouse” he said pathetically.
“Well thank you Pickles and Jam for coming to my rescue.”
“What a trio we make with our dings and dents” stated Jam. It seemed a good time to share a hug, so they did.
Many weeks after the trio had met, crispy, golden leaves blanketed the brown dewy grass that Jam scurried over. He paused and tilted his head towards the ground eyeing two leaves suspiciously. “Perfect!” Jam exclaimed excitedly then jumped up and down with joy. Not only had he found two leaves shaped like bee wings but he also noticed the limp, broken spider web where they first met. Jam carried the leaves and some of the spider’s web back to their welcoming tree hollow. Madly waving his gifts, Jam yelled “I’ve found Pollen’s new wings!” In ten minutes, Pollen had new leaf wings attached with spider web.
Seasons later, Pollen was buzzing around with Pickles, whom she had taught to fly without falling and Jam was no longer lonely as he watched his friends fly happily above his head.

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