The Crystal Dragon

Decades. The war between humanity and ‘Tetramorphs’ (an exotic alien civilisation) began. A legend of a dragon emerged. Earth was destroyed 4 weeks after the Tetramorphs invaded. I remember that day. August 21st, 2084, a news outlet was Broadcasted in the city of ‘Neo Tokyo’. “There are two possibilities. We’re alone in the universe, or we are not. Both are equally as frightening. Today, we inform you that an alien lifeform is discovered on Earth. The lifeform came down in a ray of turquoise light. A discovery closer to Elon Musk’s dream. To be interplanetary species. Space - X will deploy space probes into space to gain intel on the situation. For more information, visit the ‘Aqua Emporium’s’ news station, or visit our website at www.NeutronNews/ Thank you for your time.” That was it... the day EVERYTHING changed.
Regret. The constant fight, battle and loss of M.E.S.O troopers has caused a fall in society. I think it’s time for me to go home. 10:27. Walking outside, onto the endless platform and artificial foliage that plagues Europa (Our home; A new water planet), a storm starts to pick up. The Tetramorphs on the magma planet ‘Corot - 7B’ constantly loom over the ebony black sky. I get home. Finally, some rest.
Again. Morning, although this time, different. Something isn’t right. I turn on the TV. “All citizens of Europa, our only hope of surviving the ‘Tetraray’ is the ‘Crystal Dragon’. Evacuation of the planet will happen quickly. Analysing from the status of the ray gun, we only have 2 hours to leave until it is fully charged. Men aboard the Crystal Dragon will be forced to fight. Please drive your Light Gliders to the coordinates given.” 6:15. 30 minutes left! I’m a goner! Hurriedly, I wear my lightsuit and head to my glider. I input the coordinates. (-1,489,537 - 2,867,429)
“Warp system engaged... Scanning Lightglider Vitals... Master Lucas, system overload prominent. Permission to activate warp systems?”
“Shoot! I’ll take the chances I’ve got. Systems are free to activate.”
“Warp takeoff in 3, 2, 1"
“Wait! Warp me towards the Tetraship. Forcefields deploy!”
Gone...gone...gone. By the time everyone gets there there will be no time. I warned them. I should have NEVER created it. The creation sought to save, is meant to destroy the planet. In the hopes that the Tetra species, a ruthless lifeform, will be destroyed. Pfft. How ignorant.
“Overload is prominent master Lucas - stopping all systems.”
“No! The Crystal Dragon is my mistake. One hopeful attempt to save the species. Plasma Shield ACTIVATE!”
Judging from the amount of energy the Tetraray produced, a fatal blow would cause the spaceship’s victorious implosion. The Tetramorphs destroyed...forever. Decades ago, I stole the key to the Dragon.
Now it’s time to slay the Dragon. “Dragon Key, unlock. Cancel all operations.” It is done. The battle, finished. I look out into the cold endless void one last time. At last.
Time to meet my maker.

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