The Never-ending Tunnel

As they stood there, gazing down the tunnel as far as their eyes could see Jessie wondered, ‘Should we go in?’ One part of her said “Come on Jessie, do it you’ve got Canine (her pet fox) with you!” While another part said, “Go back home, you’re safe there.” However, she decided to enter the tunnel, besides there was never any fun in her little village, all she wanted to do was have a bit of fun in the holidays.
Hours later Jessie started to wonder ‘Have I made the wrong choice, should I turn back?’ Just as she was about to turn around, something caught her eye, something white and sparkly. “Could it be? No, it couldn't because fairies aren't real. Are they?” Murmured Jessie. “Yes, they are!” Shouted a quite cranky voice. Jessie whipped her head around in shock. “Sorry!” Jessie exclaimed quickly. “Well, you should be” the disgruntled fairy snapped. Being a bit scared Jessie shakily stuttered “Hi, I’m JJJJessie.” “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. It just makes me so mad when people say fairies are not real. Oh, the name’s Twinkle.”
“Aaaagggh” screamed Jessie, Twinkle scrunched her eyes shut tight, too afraid to look. While Canine whimpered in fright. They were falling, was it bottomless like the tunnel? They finally hit the bottom. “Hey Twinkle, do you happen to have any rope in that bag of yours?” Asked Jessie. “Actually, I do,” said Twinkle pulling out a shiny rope, quite surprised to find it in there.
“Heave,” Jessie cried, finally she and Twinkle could see Canine’s cute face. “One more time,” panted Jessie. “Heave,” she yelled out again and Canine was safely back in the tunnel with them. After a few more steps Jessie collapsed to the ground and huffed “I need a rest.” She yanked off her rucksack and ate her lunch. Afterward they all fell asleep.
While Twinkle and Jessie slept Canine walked deeper into the tunnel. He saw a pastel glow further ahead, he ran back as fast as his legs could go and woke them up and took them to the glow. Twinkle shook her wand and it began to shine. “Look” gasped Jessie. “Is it the end of the tunnel?” Pointing toward the pastel glow ahead and off she ran. “Welcome to the end of the tunnel, you made it Jessie, Twinkle and Canine” boomed a friendly voice. Jessie looked around and she was in a beautiful sunny meadow, reminding her of the poster on her bedroom wall saying, “Frolic with the fairies.” “That poster is your source of transport to this magical place,” boomed the friendly voice. Jessie enjoyed the time with Twinkle before going home for dinner. As she left Twinkle whispered, “This is our secret.”

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