Robin Hood

Robin Hood
He was an excellent huntsman, he was courageous but most of all he was a legend. Robin Hood was his name. You may think he was like that all the time but during his young age, he was the opposite.

During his young age, he was an orphan trapped in a hideous orphanage, rats scuttering all about, feeling all alone, and looking austere, Robin developed a master plan to escape. Once he got outside into the meadow, he felt like being introduced to a whole brand-new world. His first idea was that it was okay to make friends, his intentions were wrong, the kids bashed him up, as poor robin ran, he felt tragic, he ran away as fast as he could, into the redwood as the daylight was glistening above his head.

Soon he slowed down, brilliant scarlet leaves crunched beneath the soles of his bruised, barefoot. He stopped to rest beneath the redwood tree. Waking up, he discovered that he was in a camp full of embracing archers, feeling comfortable, he also felt like he was at home.

Many years later, he had become the leader of his group. Robin started to rob from the rich and giving to the poor, that was how he became a legend.

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