Languished Love

Excellence Award in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

Fair and foul is all in the past, yet I stand here, ivy weaving its fingers around my tombstone. The engraved letters had weathered away after a decade of exposure to the elements. The labyrinth of crystalline snow and ice had melted long ago. Spring had rebirthed, yet there were no pink and purple blooms amid the lush, green, and idyllic fields. Spring had rebirthed, yet the flower in my heart had shrivelled. I shifted my weight against the tall, spiralling, gnarled oak tree, my gaze directed at the bottom of the hill. We had meandered through the ocean of blooms, hand in hand, long ago. I had never let go of our bond, regardless of the fact that he didn’t even have to consider moving on. Fair and foul is all in the past, yet I allow remorse to toy with my conscience. Being in love with someone who believes you’re dead is indescribably painful. Although that was partially correct. I was dead and had been for a decade, but my relentless spirit had remained. I had waited a decade for him to come back. But not once had he ever considered visiting. Instead, I stood bound by invisible chains to this wretched hillside. Reminiscing the memories made through the sea of wildflowers, amid the lush emerald grass, manicured to perfection. But upon this hill, nothing but barren dreary fields surrounded me. It was the only way to describe being forgotten. I turned my attention towards the slope of the hill, two silhouettes emerged through the dense, primeval canopy of woodlands. They treaded through the thicket that had once been lively with vivid colours and the sweet-smelling fragrance of heavenly blooms. I gazed tentatively as they approached my resting place, I was ensconced between the branches of the oak tree that seemed to sway in the morning breeze. My monument was barely visible from the thicket of tall blades of weeds that brushed against it. They kneeled before it. His lips twitched as I gazed deeply at his alluring features. I couldn’t deny that it was easy to get lost in the twinkling galaxy of his blue eyes. The mellow and radiant sunlight complimented his voluminous blonde locks. But his loving gaze was not directed at me, but instead at the youthful face beside him. Young love was a beautiful sight to behold. It was enough to heal me. The picturesque fields had erupted into life. I observed as the lush emerald, green grass was now finely cut. A sea of tulips and daisies flourished around my resting place. The dead weeds, the unyielding vines that once had tangled around my gravestone had vanished. They smiled contently. For they treasured this place in their hearts, and never again would it be forgotten.

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