Kai And Kenji's Sleepover

“Next up, Kai and Kenji!” exclaimed the karate teacher. They both went on the mat and greeted each other. BANG! BANG! “Aaaahhh, get off me! I’ll kick you so hard you’ll fly back to the dinosaur age!” raged Kenji. Kai had a shocked face when he realized what he had said. They were both family friends and they went to the same Karate class.
On the second match, Kenji recklessly charged into Kai. Little did he know that will make him lose. Kai flipped Kenji and pinned him onto the ground. They were both on the black belt. Kai and Kenji were also in the same class at school.
On the holidays, Kai came over to Kenji’s house for a sleepover. First, they started watching a movie. It was called Spider-Boy. They were both having so much fun. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! After some time, they could barely move. There were skinny white boxes everywhere and small crumbs of pizza on the floor. “I think I ate too much pizza.” groaned Kai. “I probably ate an hour worth of pizza.” Kenji spoke tiredly. For some reason, at 11pm Kenji and Kai were hyped up. They weren’t tired and sleepy at all. They both snuck out of bed and started watching cartoons on the computer. They were quietly laughing that they were able to do that. Their smiles were as big as the planet. After that, they played an online game called Fortday. They found it very fun. At 1am they put a mattress on the floor and started a pillow fight. So, if they fell, they will not make any noise. When it was finally 2:50am, they went on the tv and played some YBox. It was the only gaming console Kenji had. They almost stayed up the whole night. At 4:40am, they placed blankets, mattresses, and pillows all over the downstairs floor so they won’t wake up anybody. They started pranking each other overnight. At that point they were a bunch of clowns. When it was 6am they went back to bed and slept until 9am. No one knew they were up over night because they cleaned everything they done. The house was clean, pure, and spotless.
At 9:15 Kai left and went back home. That day, they both had school. During Math they were both so tired. Kai couldn’t even draw a simple geometric shape and Kenji answered 7+6 as 432. They both lost their minds. They went from clowns to rookies. During English they almost fell asleep. And during History they finally fell asleep. “Why are you sleeping Kai!” shouted the history teacher. “Who likes history.” replied Kai in a tired voice. Kai realized what he said and woke up immediately. His history teacher went back to the whiteboard and continued explaining. Kenji was lucky; he sits in the last row at the back of the classroom. He fell asleep with his back straight on the seat and the teacher thought he was paying attention.


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