Kash And The Trash

Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

Kash was an ordinary person but there was one thing about Kash that was not normal at all. Kash ate his trash. Trash tacos, trash pizza and trash sausages.
One day Kash ate thrown out chemicals (toxic). Kash fell to the ground and held his chest. “AAARRRH” said Kash as he turned into a trash monster.
“I’m Trashzilla!” said Kash who was no longer Kash.
Kash’s dog Nipper barked in confusion because he was wondering who was his new owner? “Bark, bark, bark?!”
Trashzilla went on a rampage through the city littering everywhere.
Nipper ran to the phone and called triple zero. “Bark, bark, bark!”
“What? Is that a dog?” said triple zero.
‘If I can’t get triple zero I will have to go and get my dog friends to help me’ thought Nipper.
Nipper ran to the dog park. “Hey guys. I need your help to save the world,” said Nipper.
“What’s in it for us?”
“Yeah, what’s in it for us?”
“Let me guess, or else the world is going to end?”
“First the world would be covered in trash, second, I’ll give you all two bones each. See, just like I promised” Nipper said as he gave them the bones.
“OK, come on fellas. Let’s do this!”
“Wait! We need a superhero name,” said Nipper. “It could be ‘The Dogs’?”
“Nah, too obvious. ‘The Bone Breakers’ is a really good name.”
“Then it’s settled, ‘The Bone Breakers’ we are.”
Meanwhile, Trashzilla was littering in Mr Curmudgeons yard. When Trashzilla left, Mr Curmudgeon came out and said “Aaargh! Which stinky kids threw trash into my yard this time?!”
The Bone Breakers went off to save the day.
As soon as they came face to face with Trashzilla the fight began. Trashzilla made the first move. He shot crushed cans at them with his trash cannon. All seven of The Bone Breakers dodged the cans, but only just!
They all charged at Trashzilla and bit him one by one. Some bit him on his back, others went for his arms and legs. It didn’t work. Trashzilla shook them off and said “Ha, ha, ha. Is that all you’ve got?!”
That made The Bone Breakers furious! They started to snarl and yap at him. It scared Trashzilla so badly that all the trash fell off him and left Kash standing there in his place.
Kash was taught a lesson. Never eat trash. NEVER. EVER!!
The End



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