A Bad Birthday

Someone’s b day is coming said dad dad. What did I tell you about saying the b word. Mendie I love birthdays said aunt grace . I don’t want to celebrate my b day .why said aunt grace . Because said mendie my friend past away. Who said aunt grace.Philips.oh no miss Philips I loved her said aunt grace. Mendie walked away . Should we cancel
The party I said . No said grampa I know mendie most we keep the party.later that day . Mendie get out of bed said grampa we have family here. Fine I’m coming. Don’t you want to change into my dress I got you . No said mendie I just want to get this done and over with so I can get back in my bed. Mendie went out side . Surprise. Aaaa mendie said she was in her night gown. When she came back she was in a sparkly blue dress and she was happy for the rest of the day


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