Sally And The Dragon

On a normal day, in a normal supermarket, a normal 5 year old girl named Sally was walking down the aisle when she saw a tiny gap between a box of cereal and a bag of potato chips.

Sally decided that she would peek in and have a look inside. There it was, a tiny little dragon! She put it in her hands and lifted it up to her parents, but they could not see the dragon.

She took the dragon home and after a couple days it grew wings! It also became bigger and was able to fly.

Sally and the dragon became very good friends and they would go to school together, go for walks, have sleepovers together (to Sally’s friends of course). And if Sally was ever unhappy or angry the dragon would always calm her down.

A few years later the dragon had grown and Sally was now 8 and a half years old. They had a lot of fun over the years and were very happy together. Sally had a new neighbour called Sara who went to Sally's school. Sara was a shy 8 year old girl who barely ever talked.

One day, Sally was getting ready to go to school but she could not find her dragon anywhere! Sally looked all over the place but it was getting late and she needed to head off to school so she decided to wait until school was over to look for the dragon again. She didn’t feel good without having her dragon by her side.

Then when class started… Sara, who lived next door to Sally, had the dragon next to her!
Sally was so happy to see that her dragon was safe!

Sally went over to Sara, and asked if she could have her dragon back? Of course, Sara said yes and after that they became best friends forever. They went for flights on the dragon's back (the parents just saw them floating past and thought they were imagining things) . They had lots of sleepovers and always waited at school if one of their parents were late.


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