Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

The music of the jungle, played through the earth and trees. There was a scutter in the leaves, then Connell’s head swiftly turned. In front of them appeared, what the wolves called a man cub. Lupin brushed her soft fur against the placid man cub, and naturally, he suckled her milk. “His name will be Howlie, he will follow my lead, grow stronger and become the chosen one,” howled Connell.
Howlie found it hard to keep up with his father; Connell, as wolves’ legs are shorter and more powerful. Though as Howlie grew, it didn’t take him long to catch up, and become one of the pack. Howlie and his family stretched their tired legs and began to curl next to each other when they heard Arne; the golden eyed eagle. He was warning them of danger ahead. They stared at the silvery moon, which shone in the black night.
Suddenly, above the hill, appeared a panting, wild eyed hyena. The hyena moved closer and his viscous jaws opened wider. He began to circle around Connell. Connell positioned his muscular body to attack. Howlie jumped onto the tree’s branches, and swung through the vines, like he was flying.
As the hyena began to pounce onto Connell, Howlie swung closer and struck the hyena’s head. Amazingly, he crushed to the cold, dark earth. Swooping down, from above, Arne pinned the hyena down with his hooked beak. “How proud I am of you, my son.” “You saved your father’s life, and have become one of us,” howled Lupin. “You are my family, and the jungle is my home,” exclaimed Howlie.
The End



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