Hanna And Friends

Once there was a girl named Hanna. She was nice and kind. She helps everyone. One day when she was going to school and she suddenly heard a voice saying “Help, help” it got louder and louder. She followed the voice but couldn’t find anyone and then she a girl was near a bush stuck in quicksand. “I need help, please get me out,” said the girl. Hanna searched around for something to pull the girl out then found a long stick. Hanna threw the stick to the girl and asked her to catch hold of it. The girl holds on to the stick very tight. Hanna saw a few more kids playing around near the place and she asked for their help. All the kids and Hanna pulled out the girl from quicksand. The girl said, “Thank you” to everyone and her name is Coco. Hanna and the other kids introduced themselves to Coco and they all became friends for life. All the friends were kind to each other and they had fun together.


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