Land Of The Cascading Sun

She is part of the sunburnt nation, yet remains in the unspoken light.
She hopes the smoke of her mother is enough, to keep her story alight.
As she sits in her sanctuary, and admires the work done all by hand,
She dreams of life long before colonial reign, and the importance of her land.

She knows of Eden, and of the Daisies that were picked,
And of the Serpents, spirits and songs, which many stolen remain untaught
In classrooms of parasitic parliaments and perverse prestige
Wherein lies, a White Knight.
He calls, “check mate” and utters no regret,
But for a paradoxical apology, what changes? Nothing, yet.

She watches as her family is rent, as both they, and we, ascend their final resting place.
Dancing in the light of their auburn hue, we, trample her breathtaking spirit, her captivating macro cosmos soul,
The changing face, of Uluru.

But she sees a future where the chessboard resigns, for as she casts her mind back to where it had all begun,
She is, as well all belong, to the
Land of the cascading sun.

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