A Season's Disquiet

Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

First month of Spring rises fresh and clear in the Perth Hills,
at half morning of week’s beginning, a crisp breeze bristles.
The swinging of almost tight uniforms on the line,
joins the almost empty woodpile, under a patchy sky.
A kaleidoscope of swaying wildflowers so tall,
bend and curtsey, wildly like nature’s disco ball.
Gentle light tickles each bloom, releasing dizzying scents,
toasting yesterday’s puddles, to a solid dry lament.
A symphony of birds is punctuated by a creaking-
battered tin roof, proving under the kiss of gold streaking.
Leaves rustle from birds zipping through majestic tree lines,
nature’s call heralds the day before the distant mowers rhyme.
Helios’ welcome warm glow foreshadows a grave fear,
as weighted hearts anxiously clip, snip, chop and clear.
Carpets of leaves, weeping bark - burnt to the bone,
the rite of Spring lays bare to Summer’s fiery throne.



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