Breaking down in front of my reflection I swore I saw my books fall without any intention. Suspiciously glaring at it I turned around reaching to pick it up only to feel an icy grip pull me into the mirror. Screaming out for desperate help I felt a cold wisp of air shutting my lips as they trembled in fear. Silence and darkness engulfed my body as I fell down a black empty hole feeling a numbing sensation. My eyelids fluttered from the brightness that appeared suddenly without a trance. Rubbing my eyes I saw a blurry small figure. Squinting I realised the excessive amount of mirrors that surrounded me. “Did you finally decide to wake up?” chimed an anonymous voice. Keeping silent I questioned my life. “Don’t hurt that little brain of yours darling, sure you can’t keep too much information in there.” smirked the voice. Showing up in a mirror he seemed like… a ghost? “Sheesh, you look awful. Couldn’t relate” rolling his eyes he looked somewhat...Tiny? “What are you and where am I?” I questioned shivering as the place seemed to have a temperature like Antarctica. “I am a ghost and the names James, and I’ve been stuck in this mirror copying your reflection. Don’t you people have anything else better to do?” Ignoring his last sentence I tried figuring out where the exit was. “Hey look! I found an exit!” James hurriedly said. Dashing across the room I had tears of joy in my eyes. Plonk! Sliding to the floor my face was boiling from rage. “Pfft, you’re quite funny actually! You should’ve seen the look on your face!” yelled James. But laughter turned to seriousness. “Did you really think you could escape this place? I’m sick and tired of watching you weep and cry honestly...So do me a favour and tell me what’s going on.” the ghost sternly questioned. Eyes darting away I couldn’t believe the attitude of this tiny ghost. “Oi, I am not small in fact you should be answering my question. Honestly you humans are so impolite.” Huffing in annoyance “It’s just... schools hard...and you’re right people are mean. I can’t stand seeing myself only to realise that every time I get better I’m not good enough…” I sobbed. I could feel the gaze from James. His face softened and soon I felt a cold breeze. “Child I know it’s hard but that’s just life, I want you to know...Mirrors are lies they never show you the inside.” He whispered caressing my tear-stained cheek. I fluttered my eyes only to find myself in my room with a note and my mirror long gone. “To whoever reads this, I want to let you know that you’re beautiful just the way you are and don’t let mirrors possess the way you are because what really matters is what’s on the inside.”

-Amy Le


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