The Quest For The Magic Key

So dark, no lights, no lamps, just a tiny candle. Oh, and some ponies. Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack, had gathered around because Twilight Sparkle was on a quest to find the one key. It was worth searching for. The key was small and Twilight was able to find small things. Her sensor on her horn was tried first.
“How about using the power sensor?” Applejack suggested.
“I suppose so,” Twilight accepted Applejack’s suggestion nervously, “Here we go.”
She checked through small gaps, big gaps and even really easy spots. At that point, the power sensor on her horn hadn’t worked. Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence always had a lot of ideas. So the Ponies of Friendship asked them for some help.
“Things don’t happen straight away,” Celestia explained, “On your own, things are harder. What else could you use, Twilight?”
“Uh, um, is it the Magic of Friendship?” she asked.
Celestia nodded, “Try it.”
So they did.
“Rarity, you have stronger power than me. How about you use your power sensor?” Twilight suggested.
“Ok. I’ll check in deeper spots. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, hover over every small place and good hiding spot and check properly. Applejack, the master of finding stuff, do what you do. Usually, Twilight and Pinkie Pie have to help me, but now you can,” Rarity demanded.
“Yes, Rari… Oh! What’s this?” Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie both picked it up.
“I can’t see!” Pinkie Pie complained trying to snatch it, “Give it to me!”
“No, I picked it up first. Let me hold it,” Fluttershy retorted.
“Stop!” Rainbow Dash interrupted, “It’s a chatterbox. What do we do?”
“Pick a number,” Rarity said, “Three. One, two, three.”
She moved the folded paper repeatedly in an opening and closing motion. “Here, you pick a colour,” Rarity explained, giving the paper to Pinkie Pie.
“Aqua. A-Q-U-A,” Pinkie Pie moved the paper in the repeated open and close motion again.
“Now pick another colour,” said Rarity.
“Teal!” Pinkie Pie excitedly chose then lifted the flap under the chosen colour.
As she opened the flap, she read the words underneath, “You need to use teamwork.”
They went about their plan to work together and use teamwork. Everyone did their part to search for the magic key, when suddenly, Rarity’s power sensor blared!
“Over here, Twilight Sparkle. OVER HERE!” Rarity was so excited.
Twilight hurried over, “Wow! I can’t believe you found the key! We really did it!”
Twilight was so excited, “All we needed was teamwork.”
“And the Magic of Friendship!” Fluttershy exclaimed.
The ponies got together and Celestia and Cadence presented Twlight with a flower ribbon, “That’s for passing the quest,” Cadence explained, “And always remember the Magic of Friendship.”

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