The Human Fish

My name is john and this is my origin story. When I served in the war something weird happened I was hit with a needle that made me turn into a fish. Not a regular fish but a fish that could switch from human to fish. And it stings being a fish. When I turned back into a human I had gills on my face and I looked weird and I was banned from the war for looking weird. I then tried to go to the doctor but he just thought I was weird and he told me to go to a psychologist. Does everybody in the world think I am weird now? I then tried to make a potion to make me not a fish. I then found a cure but if I would drink the potion I made, but like all potions, it had a risk and I could not make one without a risk a then drank the potion and my eyes turned back to normal and so did my body. I then made multiple potions and sold them to soldiers with the problems like me the only problem was the guy I sold it looked like the bad guy who made me a fish! Why would he want something that would fail his plan?

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