Hamburger curling

On the 10/10/07 a man named Bob McDonald decided to advance the sport and merge it with hamburgers and greasy tables to create Hamburger Curling.

It was good for a few weeks but no one could beat Bob. There was a kid named Jack who was bad at all sports. He trained as he could to be good but always came last. When he was walking down the street he was trying to find something he was good at. He looked inside a McDonalds window and saw people throwing hamburgers across a greasy table and he said to himself “I can do this”. So he went inside and asked the man the counter if he could play. He couldn’t because he had to give $10 for entry but he didn’t have the money. He asked his mum and dad but they thought it was a silly idea to slide a hamburger across a table. He had no choice but to get a job. He decided to work at McDonalds so he could earn some money and watch the game. He made $5 an hour and in no time he had enough money to enter two people but he had no friends so he just entered himself.

He started off badly but as he kept going he got better and he was the best at hamburger curling in his club. He went to other places like Hungry Jacks and Subway where he curled subs which was easier because they were longer which made it easier to get to the pickle. He also went to Red Rooster and KFC. Jack thought it was really fun and in time he got someone to sponsor him. His sponsor was the curling legend himself Bob McDonald. Jack was honered to be sponsored by a curling chamion such as Bob. Jack met Bob in person and had dinner with him. They talked and he told Jack his award winning of curling, he would curl his hand when sliding and from then on no one could beat Jack at curling.

The next time that Jack and Bob met Bob offered to have a friendly match and Jack accepted. By now Jack, an 18 year old was millions and millions of dollars richer. He spent his money on expert training and when he went back to school he challenged all the people who bullied him to a match of curling and beat them all. Later that day the bullies challenged Jack to a race and JACK won again. In all the training Jack went through he got some running and exercising in and was never bullied again. Jack was also looking forward to his match against Bob.

The day came when Jack and Bob vs. each other for the hamburger curling championship. The battle took place at Bob’s curling palace at 5:00pm. After 5 draws it came down to one last curl and Bob missed and Jack won million dollars. Bob congratulated Jack for winning the championship. Jack celebrated by having a big party and getting his drivers licence. Jack also used his money to help his family buy a second house and he and his family had no more worries.

The End.

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