Another Man's Wife

Walking through the trees, I stumble upon our lake,
Where fallen leaves used to lay beside the rake.
Where the foxes hunted, and the bluebirds sung,
Where the rabbits made burrows, and our memories stayed young.
I remember the old tree had blossomed, with a tire for a swing,
Nature’s way to tell visitors it was the start of spring.
Deep down in my reflection, I see evidence of imperfection.
A past filled with love and regret, if only there were a way to let myself forget.
Twelve summers have passed although the feelings remain, an untouched day when we were caught in the rain.
I remember that day like it was yesterday, so innocent, so young, I wish we had chosen to stay.
But our lives took us with them and now here we are, far apart from each other, I swear it left a scar.
Her beauty would drug me, a sight I could never forget, if only leaving was a decision I wouldn’t regret.
She has a man now, one that will protect her, but still I can’t stop myself from wanting to be where we were.
There’s something about that young stage of life, that I can never take back as she is someone else’s wife.

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