I Adore South Australia

I adore South Australia, a land of sandy, orange plains,
Of boiling, torrid sand and the biggest flooding rains,
A land of serene deserts, of colossal sandstorms,
I love the blazing bright sun, the luscious green lawns.
I adore South Australia, a land of serene blue seas,
Of crystal clear night skies, of colossal, contorted trees.
A land of wild animals, of microscopic sand,
The beautiful sun rising, what a wonderful land.
I adore the howling winds, I love the rushing streams,
The fields that go for miles, this place will be stuck in your dreams.
A land of beautiful, eucalyptus bushes, of fresh green trees high,
The never ending fields of strawberries, the ground so very dry.
I adore South Australia, I love the beautiful parks,
I love the never ending deserts, I admire it when it’s dark.
Every step I take, I love, my feet sink through the sand,
It gives me a beautiful feeling, like the country is holding my hand.


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