The Sacrifice

Excellence Award in the 'National Treasures 2022' competition

The dead grass stuck between the young man’s toes as he walked towards the lake. Russet coloured leaves danced in the sky and the birds sang sweet tunes to the setting sun. As the man stared down into the water he was greeted by a familiar face. Light blue eyes glared back at him as though he was furious with himself. The small rocks, which were scattered around the edge of the lake, screamed outrageous accusations. The young man snatched the closest rock off the ground and skimmed it across the lake. When he peered down into the water, his reflection had been replaced with a woman’s. Her wavy short brown hair swayed in the light breeze. The image of the woman was slightly crippled in the slight ripples of the lake. When the lake stilled, the young man’s reflection took its place once more. Guilt burrowed deep in his stomach. The world surrounding him seemed to fade away and all that was left was his image. He brushed his hands forcefully over his face, hoping the reality would mystically change. However, red liquid seemed to spew out from his palms when he removed his hands. Sinking to the ground in a ball of confusion, the young man wept, for no equal consequence could weigh the same amount his actions did.
I opened my eyes and had no idea where I was. It was dark and musty. My hands were bound together above my head. Suddenly, light pierced my senses, cutting through the gloom and blinding my eyes. The suddenness caused me to writhe around, chafing my wrists with the rough rope. As I struggled, I could hear footsteps approaching. “You will be sacrificed at midnight to Apophis, God of Chaos.” I gasped, or as well as I could through the gag stuffed in my mouth. I recognised the voice, it was my fiancée’s father, Mr. Liam James. Then, I felt someone breathing on my ear. “I’m sorry my love but the only way to appease Apophis is by killing my most loved one. Do not be afraid, it is a great honour to be killed by such a mighty God.” I sniffled, my vision blurring as tears welled up. So my fiancée was in this as well.

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