Sally And Jamie’s Victory

It was a scary stormy night and Sally was having a slumber party. Her friends Jamie, Zadie and Maddie are all sleeping over at Sally’s house with the storm. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” They all screamed, as the storm darted from one side of the house to the other. All the girls are terrified to the point that Jamie past out. “JAMIE!!!!! JAMIE!!!! JAMIE!!!!!JAMIE!!!!!!” Sally, Zadie and Maddie are yelling at the top of their lunges horrified what happened to Jamie. “Hello Is this the hospital?” “On our way!” When the ambulance got to the house the girls rushed Maddie outside, but when they knocked on the door to the ambulance clowns and people with masks on holding a chain saw. Sally got scared that she dropped Maddie by mistake, fell over and hit her head. All was black until Sally and Jamie woke up with blood splashed all over the walls of their house, bits of skin everywhere. “AAAAAAAAAAAA!!” Sally and Jamie shout. When they here the sirens of an ambulance they board up the door and all the windows so the clowns and people waring masks with chain saws. But they found their way in. Sally and Jamie are so worried about Zadie and Maddie, were they on the walls or did the people with the ambulance get them? So many questions are floating around their heads. Maddie and Zadie bolted out of there once Sally past out and went to Maddie’s house. Once those people got close to the room that Sally and Jamie were in Jamie had an idea. They were going to put on lots of make up and pretend to be dead, then hook their legs and make them hang upside down on the celling. “Great idea” Replied Sally. “WEEWOOOWEEWOO” The girls have set the trap and can hear the ambulance getting closer and closer by the minuet. “HELLO, HELLO WE’RE HERE" One step on to the floor and they are hanging upside down by their feet looking desperately at the girls begging to let them go. Sally and Jamie locked eyes and new exactly what to do. “BANG” The door slammed shut behind Sally and Jamie. When they left they made scratchy sounds on the outside of the house to scare the clowns and the chain saw people. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” The sounds that Sally and Jamie made scared them. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” Sally and Jamie laughed like maniacs. The night fell, Sally and Jamie were still laugh like maniacs and kept laughing until they fell asleep. While they were sleeping the people in the house were strategizing on a way to get out of the rope and out the house.” Finally, we got out now the girls will probably be expecting us so we have to go the back way.” The boys snuck out but. “BOOO” Out comes the girls and they bonk all the boy’s heads together, tied them up and locked them in the basement forever. They kept feeding them until they die of old age.


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