Consequences Of Procrastination

Night fell and so did the stars,
The roads are dead with very few cars.
The sun has left along with its rays,
Hours have passed and so have the days.

Families asleep and birds huddled in their nest,
Everyone’s resting except me who has an English test.
Oh, how I wish I could be asleep in my beautiful bed,
How could I fit all this information into my head?

An avalanche of papers and books,
Eye bags and dark circles, but who cares about looks.
Struggle and regret accompany me,
As waves of doubts swallow me slowly.

The alarm desperately shouts at my face,
Sweat falls and my heart is in a race.
What a nightmare, as if I wouldn’t study for an English exam,
Plus, it's a math one tomorrow, you know I would give a damn!

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