The Escape

“COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!” Mr. Rooster crowed to wake everyone up. “Good morning,” said Cractinger the Cat (European Shorthair). “Good morning,” yawned Tyu the Dog (Golden Retriever). Nobiya, Cractinger and Tyu’s owner, knew that they could speak English. Nobiya gave them pet food. *MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!* As Tyu and Cractinger ate, Nobiya watched TV. Tyu noticed that the door was open. “Let’s go and escape.” Tyu whispered to Cractinger.

Cractinger agreed and they ran away. *ZOOM!* A black thing ran quickly around Tyu and Cractinger. The black thing covered them in is a very big sack. Tyu was scared and did nothing while Cractinger was brave and was trying to escape the sack.

They were locked up in a room full of cobwebs, snakes and booby traps. Luckily, they ran out to safety. But, the door was still locked. Suddenly, a creepy man dressed like a knight, unlocked the door. “GIVE ME SOMETHING IN RETURN BECAUSE I UNLOCKED THE DOOR FOR YOU!” boomed the creepy man. “Okay?” said Cractinger, wondering. Immediately Tyu and Cractinger searched the room and found a shiny, sky blue diamond with stripes, on the corner of the wall and they gave it to the creepy man. Then the creepy man led them to a trapdoor and said that it would lead to a secret passage underground.

Tyu went down first, bravely. Cractinger went and slid down after him, trembling. Lastly, the creepy man went down, following them. But a gigantic crocodile holding a massive shield was guarding the secret passage. The creepy man used his power, Stare To Death. The Crocodile guard holding a shield died. *CREAK! SCREECH!* The creepy man, Tyu the Dog and Cractinger the Cat opened the secret passage door together.

They were led to a park. They met a hedgehog named Speedery. They also met an echidna named Crashery. Speedery and Crashery wanted to join in on the adventure to go to Nobiya’s house because Tyu said that there was lots of pet food, toys and so many warm, soft beds. “Just don’t pass the fence because when you pass it, Mr. Reggie, the owner of the beautiful garden and the vibrant house sees you, he will be surprised then he might take his machine gun and might kill you to sell your fur for his Animal Fur Mat Shop. He will get $100 when somebody buys a mat.” warned Cractinger. So their adventure went on. It was raining so hard that the trees fell and almost hit them.

The last place was Hydraply. It was full of Hydras. When they saw it, Speedery and Crashery sped away to kill and tame some.

Then they saw Nobiya inside his house, eating dinner. When they went in, Nobiya hugged Tyu and Cractinger tightly. “Who are these animals?” he asked. Tyu replied, “They’re our friends.” Speedery and Crashery decided to stay with them. But the creepy man disappeared somewhere. “Time for sleep!” said Nobiya. They all slept calmly because they were exhausted from their adventure.

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