Sally And The Ghost.

Sally was a little girl, she loved dressing up and dolls just like any ordinary girl, but one night she discovered something that made a noise, it could move but it couldn't smell. Do you know what it is? BOO! For sure it was a ghost, but the ghost didn't
scare her.

On the first night, Sally heard a rustling noise coming from her cupboard ‘Oh no did my princess dresses fall?’ She asked herself.She jumped out of her bed and went to her cupboard, she opened the cupboard door ‘AHHH!’ her mum raced to her room 'what's happening Sally!’ her mum asked ‘there's a ghost in my cupboard!” her mom had a look in the cupboard ‘Sally, there's nothing there.’ her mum looked confused ‘but-’ ‘Sally I don't want to hear it!’

The next day Sally went to school,Sally spoke to herself ‘did I really see a ghost?’ As she was thinking Star, her best friend walked up to her ‘Heyyy what are you doing?’ Star asked Sally didn’t speak. Star tugged at her dress ‘Hey stop it!’ Sally yelled ‘you're a mean friend!’ Star blurted at her ‘Star I didn’t-’ ‘NO you're a mean friend and I mean it!’ Star interrupted her. When Sally went to bed one of her dolls fell, ‘oh no it’s the ghost!’ she thought again she slowly got out of bed, CREEK! The floorboards creaking her dad was about to say good night ‘Sally darling what's going on?’ Her dad had a peep through the door. Suddenly all the dolls fell. ``There's a ghost in my room’ Sally’s face looked Saturated ‘no there's not just get into bed!’

It was now Saturday.‘What am I going to do?’ Sally fell on her pillow. Bang! Her bed started shaking Sally had a look IT WAS THE GHOST!! But.. She didn’t scream and the ghost looked sad.. ‘Are you ok?’ Sally whispered ‘no I just want friends but everyone is scared of me’ the ghost said frowning ‘I can be you friend! But what's your name?’ Sally asked, ``It's Ally!’


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