In this skin and under this flesh there bare a naked soul
one of a girl so many so wise and yet she is so old
Through her eyses we see her soul battered and crying with despair
Where it should be silky and smooth lay only few patches of hair
Bruised and bumped like rocks on a beach her skin is now from
The one who loved her O so much but why, but how?
Storms that build insode his head confuse him to the end
Until it's to late the damage is done he can't go back again
He thinks that she's empty that it doesn't matter to her
but when she's sixteen it all becomes clear
To much to handle and too much to take these storms that aren't her fault
And when it becomes to hard to take and her face is stained with salt
She does what's wrong but what she knows is best
She takes out a un and shoots him in the chest
You may find this dark but i know what i'd rather
Be in jail than be hit by my father.