NAIDOC week is when we celebrate our nation
And learn about aboriginal and Torres Straight islander education.

NAIDOC week started some decades ago that changed Australia for good
At a protest that at least one thousand people stood.

NAIDOC week started in 1975 and since then it has never stopped
And in the many years to come will be still celebrated lots.

Bunjil watches down on us on us and all our country
From sat in his big old gumtree.

We pay our respects to our elders past and present
Who come back to us when their time is up as birds with big crescents.

Our culture in our hands with all Australia stands
Through our red plains and dusty sands.

We stand here for our nation our people our education
For generations and generations.

Learning about my history means the world to me
And more generations of culture to come is soon to be.

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