Theme Park Terrier

A day at the theme park is my favorite thing to do but I didn't know I would be facing my biggest fear. When I woke up I turned on the news to see a theme park had just opened in my city, called Hillside park.

I called my friend Olivia to tell her the exciting news. i told her to meet me outside her house in 5 minutes and to make sure she had her bike. I couldn't contain myself, leaving without telling my parents. When I was riding to Olivia's I saw her doing tricks on her bike. The whole way there we spoke about what rides we hoped to see. I could feel my stomach churn at the sight of it all, but I was determined to overcome my fear.

Firstly we conquered the kids rides to ease our way in. I was having so much fun on roller coasters and more, we lost track of time. The park was closing soon, we still had one last ride before we officially had been on every ride at the park, the Ferris wheel. I was shocked at how tall the Ferris wheel really was. Olivia and I are both a little scared of heights. While we were waiting I could feel my hands start to sweat and my heart rate rising. We climbed in our cart and it started to go around slowly, but then there was a loud noise coming from the ride, we lost control it started to spin fast and then we stopped at the top. We started to panic and I passed out due to the fear.

I while looking in the crowd I think our parents were there because I heard my mum calling my name telling me to stay calm. We were up there for hours while rescue were trying to get us down, the carriage was rocking in the wind we held each other close. When we reached the ground our parents gave us a big hug. Mum informed me that I was grounded for not telling her where I was going.

I was at home reading my favorite book when Olivia phoned to tell me she's going to the theme park for her birthday. I told her I wouldn't be able to go because I was house bound. No was not an answer for Olivia she told me mum and dad could come along, so i held me breathe and asked my mum. After making me sweat all over she finally agreed only if she chaperoned me. I called Olivia screaming and we organised to meet each other there. The rides were just as we remembered we had to go on them again, due to our traumatic experience with the Ferris wheel we decided to save it for last. We were hesitant at first but we gathered up the courage to go on. it was going well until we heard the same loud noises. will we relive this traumatic experience?


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