Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Season 6

Six campers become family after escaping a Dino-infested Island. Darius is replying to some comments on the story of how he and his friends escaped Jurassic World camp cretaceous. Returning to their own parents, he suddenly noticed his cup of water was vibrating. As he opened the blinds, he saw a dinosaur in Costa Rica; weirdly, someone should have had brought it along. But if that herbivore is there, then is there a carnivore (meat eater), he thought as the herbivore fell. Darius dashed down from his room to Kenji and yelled, "there is a dinosaur outside,". Kenji ran outside, and he was speechless. Darius called the gang to come as fast as possible. There was a dinosaur and a carnivore in Costa Rica. The carnivore came to them, got shot by a tranquilliser dart, and passed away as it drifted off to sea on a boat. It was surrounded by the military service returning to Jurassic World. It woke up military got rid of it, then continued moving and dropping it back home, and everyone lived happily ever after. Suddenly the Scorpios-Rex came out, revealing itself from camouflage and destroying the country. Darius woke up unconscious with his friends near him, feeling dizzy. Luckily, he didn't get hit by the poisonous quill on the back of the dinosaur. When he woke up, he was in a jungle and had a box for some reason. Was he in Jurassic World? Then he found dinosaur footprints. He had not seen these footprints before. Was it a new dinosaur?
Darius and his friends heard a noise from the bush. Out came a new blue creature with a crown and a body like a human with curved arms and legs; chasing them, they managed to get in a hole in the wall, dodging it, barely returning to base.
They saw that their base had a small stage in the middle of the stone art in the front of their base, and next to it was a speaker and a block, and there was a switch. Darius flipped it as the speaker began to say something "my blocks fell over. All you need to do is find them and put them back. By the way, blue is chasing you," finished the speaker. It creaked, and they got pushed out of an invisible room covering their base. Then they began to search for the blocks. Once they did, the speaker started to speak," hopefully, blue did not get too many of you. It sounds like green is awake, don't worry, though; he's blind. "said the speaker as a green Monster appeared. It looked like blue but green with no crown. Long arms and long neck and legs, so the next round began. Then the Scorpios-rex with green on his back caught all of them. Then came up with a revive screen which they restored after learning that it was a video game in Darius's dream.


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