Sailing Years

Excellence Award in the 'Unleashed 2022' competition

Feathers askew, the seagull’s gawk at thee.
Salts from centuries away drift along and flee.
Wrinkles line your hand, like the sea gone rough,
Tides that oscillate, moon and sway.
What lies beneath the sheet of iridescent hues?
Such that even the fireball’s gleam they diffuse.
A mirror to all we ever know and all we ever see.
Yet even the quahogs haven’t witnessed thy creational jubilee.
Standing at the stern, hands of wisdom at the ropes we did thread,
The iron beneath our feet sighs: years of its life behind and ahead.
And ripples of old blue, lap playfully like children
Against the starboard of all feelings we harboured.
The Wind doesn’t age, and Rain comes back.
But the boats keep sailing, onto the distant horizon
And far beyond the eye’s view.
Journey unto forever, past all we endeavour.

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