Dancers are like dreams

Dancers are like dreams, twirling and swirling
Their movement so peaceful and awakening to the mind;
They dance from within, from the soul, from the heart
Through their eyes one can see but passion and devotion.

Their elegance, their grace, their utter beauty
Like a swan who soars across a wide open lake;
One would wonder, how do they, how can they be so flawless
The answer, they are dancers, who dance with poise and with grace.

Their eyes twinkle as they leap, and swiftly move
Across the stage in graceful pirouettes;
Their performance creates a mood throughout
And the music, so beautiful and moving for all.

Their secrets, they hide, the hardship and the pain
For they are dancing, from within, from the soul, from the heart;
Who cannot be moved by their peaceful existence
For dancers are like dreams.

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