The Big Spoon Adventure

Once upon a time there was a spoon who loved to bake with a little girl named Lily. Lily only baked with her spoon and the spoon only baked with her Lily. The other spoons were impressed of how good he was at baking. But soon it will be Lilys birthday will be here, and spoon isn't scared because her last birthday she only got doll stuff. So, on her birthday she got so many baking sets that she couldn't even keep count! Including a new spoon, she loved it more than her old spoon, so spoon felt left out but luckily, she had an idea the best idea EVER! So, she packed her things and took off. through trees through rocks but there was one obstacle she didn't prepare for the mountains after months of battling the weather she finally found where she belonged. Spoon Land! But it didn't feel right without Lily, but spoon thought it was normal, so she stayed there for a week, so she went to the nearest op shop and Lily needed a new spoon, so she went there, and they are still baking together today.



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