The Morning Lily Wants To Forget...

The wind blew and the water in the near shore flowed down the miniature waterfall, and it was very cold. Summer would only start tomorrow but you should still expect some better weather and improvement on hay fever, when Lily jumped up to the sound of her almost distraught alarm clock! She sneezed. Then she wished her alarm clock its 100th birthday. (Yes, it was that old...) and grabbed her dress, she pulled it over herself but pulled it off realizing it was Sunday and that a dress was part of her uniform. Lily grabbed her favorite top and did the pulling thing again, and jumped into her pants and got ready for an awesome day, before getting attacked by hay fever. “Oh no.…!!”
Lily was tired of this. She angrily tugged at the doorknob almost pulling it off. But Lily's toe hit the door and acted like a door stopper so Lily tugged again and the door finally opened. Her cat looked using her puppy eyes and led Lily to the kitchen to be fed something delicious, for cats. (No human would eat cat food, surely?) Lily trying to stay away from the pouch, got it near the bowl. It all slid out. It was disgusting! But Lily finished the job. She could finally have fun. But she was stopped midway to the lounge room when her little brother asked "Do you want to play with me?"
This day couldn't possibly get worse and Lily didn't want to be rude so she blankly agreed. Ten minutes of frowning later, Lily was done. Her little brother made her play with his toy cars. When Lily suddenly realized her art competition was due! She had agreed to draw a picture that had to be entered into the contest by December the 31st. That was yesterday! and she hadn't finished her entry. She ran away from the spot she sat with her brother who was confused by Lily rushing away so suddenly. Lily swiftly checked online only to find the winner and finalists were announced for the competition. Now that this day definitely couldn't get any worse, Lily attempted to walk out of her dad's study but stubbed her toe. At this point Lily was fuming! And she realized that yet again something was wrong. She was holding the computer she put it back and jumped out of the study, luckily this time with no injuries, but still poor Lily. She was not happy! What else could go wrong. Except Lily forgot it hurt to stub her toe she almost fell over and she cupped her leg. Ouch! All she wanted to do was sit there and rest as she was exhausted by all the things that had happened.

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