My New Life

My name is Annie, it is 1787 and I am about to board the ominous vessel, Mary Anne.
As a result of stealing haberdashery items, I am being sent off to New Holland. I am terrified and nervous. I don’t want to leave my daughter; I am not ready.
I tugged my daughter and pulled her into my grasp. Tears stared to stream down my eyes. My heart started to pound. Her long blonde hair felt soft in my sweaty palms. I bid her one last goodbye before the tall guards pulled me away. My heart broke, I am not ready to let her go! I love her more than anything.
I sat in the silence of the night. Daring not to say a word, or else tears would just run down my cheeks. The cool midnight breeze darted my skin and made my hair jump. I needed to use the privy, but I didn’t want to move.
The next morning the other convicts and I ate some revolting gruel. My tastebuds filled with complete unsatisfaction. Below deck, my breath got quicker. The limited ventilation made the air go foul. Vermin scattered around the vast space, although so many convicts were down here it surely didn’t feel like it. I regretted stealing at that very moment. I would do anything to get back to my daughter…

Two months later.
I quickly wondered up above the decks. It was our exercise time. I peered down to the crystal-clear blue sea. The character of the ship weathered from long months sailing, making it look rather old. I instantly felt like I just wanted to jump of the ship. Every day without my daughter felt like misery. What was going to happen to her? Has she died from sickness or starvation? Thoughts flowed through my head. Crying was no option, whenever someone does, they get punished. I questioned myself once more, was New Holland just going to be worse?

9 months later.
Slowly, I watched the ship come ashore. I slowly stepped foot onto the warm sand. The bright sun shone into my dark moonlight eyes, which made me struggle for sight. I look behind to see crystal clear blue sea and dolphins the colour of silver leaping from the water. My happiness wavered when we were given our jobs..
My job was to cut large trees on this new land. It may seem easy, but majority of us convicts have health issues and are suffering.

In the corner of my eye, I saw some shimmering blonde hair sparkling like gold. It was my daughter! Happiness beamed inside of me. With all my might, I darted towards her and spread out my arms to hug her. My daughter was with me once more, I am never going to let her go again.


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