The Big Pet Day

Excellence Award in the 'Summertime Fun ONLINE' competition

Kyla owned a pet shop. It was in the main street of Candyland. It had lots of animals everywhere, and candy canes and lollypops grew out of the floor. Kyla had brownish-blonde hair and hazel eyes. She loved caring for animals and patted them all the time. Her favourite animals were wolves, bunnies, dogs and peacocks, and she had ten of each in her shop. It was a really big shop!

Each month, Kyla ran a festival so people could come and meet the animals and buy one to take home. It was a very busy day, but she loved to see happy animals join new families. It was important to organise the festival so all the different kinds of animals could be kept apart. This way, they could all behave and not bite each other.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, Kyla was ready to start the festival. She opened the doors and let people in. People had come from all around Candyland to see the pets. The pets were so cute! One of the dogs did a flip, one of the wolves did a front flip and one of the peacocks did a backflip. The people in the pet shop loved the tricks so much they went WOW!

Evie came to the pet shop by herself to look at all the pets. She was 17 years old and wanted to buy a bunny. She looked at all the animals at the Big Pet Day. She still wanted a bunny but now she wanted two pets – a puppy too! She talked to Kyla and she chose a pink bunny and a golden puppy. Kyla helped Evie put her new pets in her car and wished her a good time with them.

Kyla saw that someone was looking at the peacock cage. She went and said hello. Jason said he had always wanted a wolf, but when he came to the Big Pet Day and saw the peacocks, he was really wishing for a peacock. Kyla told him that peacocks eat plants and little animals and they like to sit in high places. Jason asked Kyla if he could buy three peacocks. Kyla said yes and she helped Jason take them out to his bike.

When she came back inside, there was a farmer waiting for her. Farmer Addison farmed mint leaf lollies and needed a pack of wolves to take home. The wolves would pull the plants out so she can collect them and take them to the market. Kyla showed her the wolves. Farmer Addison loved them and said she would take all ten! Kyla helped Farmer Addison put the wolves into her helicopter and waved goodbye.

It was time to finish the fair – all of the animals were taken. Kyla was tired from her big day. She had done so many jobs today. Best of all, she loved seeing so many families getting new pets. She couldn’t wait to do it all again next month!


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