The Story Of Raina And Jasper

“One million euros,” the Minister had said, from the government’s safe house on live television.
“One million euros,” Jasper repeated and turned to Raina with a wide grin. “Do you know what we could do with that much?!” She simply smiled. She smiled because she did know what you could do with that much money.

Unbeknownst to Jasper, the idea of the reward appealed to her but she secretly thought of the Minister and his comrades as cowardly. They were people who merely offered rewards to civilians because they were too lazy or scared to fight for themselves. Putting the idea of endangering themselves into the minds of civilians. For what? For protecting the Minister and his cohorts. Raina knew that she had to keep it to herself. The Minister was known as a Good Person. He was ‘fighting’ against Death.

Raina was just thinking of a smart rebuttal when his soft grey eyes caught her midnight ones. They were pleading. But she hesitated. After her opinion of the Minister, should she agree to this? She was still thinking when she said it. “Yes.”

Raina and Jasper. Jasper and Raina. Where Raina goes, Jasper follows. Where Jasper goes, Raina follows. The story of their friendship is unlike any other. They were never apart. Born in the same ward, and together until the day they die. Such is the story of the love between Jasper and Raina.

Now, four years later, Raina lay beside him, tears of relief staining her ashen face. All was well. Death was defeated and his reign was destroyed. Moments ago they had stopped him from burning the entire village alive, making them due for a reward from the Minister. But something was missing.


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