Tara copper's story

Tara Cooper’s Story
Hi my name is Tara Cooper and this is my story.
It started like a normal day I got up, got dressed, had breakfast, brushed my teeth, grabbed my recess and lunch then walked out the door. On my way to school I saw something move out of the corner of my eye then all of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind. I had no idea who it was so I tried to scream but nothing came out. I tried to move my body but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t move my own body.
Did I forget to tell you that I’m the presidents daughter. When I was younger my Dad always told me to be careful when I was outside with out him I never new why he said that. But now I understand perfectly, he was scared of this, me, his only child being kidnapped.
I didn’t know where I was because there was a bag over my head and we were driving around for what seemed like hours. At first I thought he was going to kill me to get back at my father. He rang my father and told me to tell him that I have been kidnapped and if my Dad didn’t give him $1,000,000 he would kill me.
About 1 hour before we where going to meet my Dad I managed to escape and steal my kidnappers mobile phone. As I was stealing my kidnappers phone I saw my kidnappers face. As soon as I got far away from where my kidnapper had taken me I rang my Dad and told him not to give my kidnapper any money because I had managed to escape .Then I told him who my kidnapper was.
He was one of my Dads security guards Mr. Butcher. When I got home my Dad couldn’t stop hugging me and the police kept on asking all these questions about where Mr. Butcher took me, if he did anything to me and how I escaped with out him seeing me.
Where Mr. Butcher took me: he took me to an old run down factory about 2 blocks away from the alley way on 5th street. The way I escaped: Mr. Butcher tied me up against something sharp so every time he wasn’t looking I would rub the rope up and down so it would eventually break. Mr. Butcher did not touch me in anyway.
I am now older and more aware of what is happening around me and I never go anywhere without my Security Guard (who is a family friend.)I am now over what happened to me when I was younger and I have moved on with my life.

Written By Nicole Barnes