One day when I went outside to play,
out under the trees,
in bundles of hay,
I saw something that really stood out.
But I did not shout no I did not pout.

Her name was Dazzle,
she was a butterfly.
Her wings were as blue as the daylight sky,
and from that moment on,
I knew we had a very strong bond.

At daytime, I let her outside,
we ran around,
and we would hide.
When Dazzle had finished flying,
under shady trees,
we would be lying.

At night time, she slept in a box,
with some leaves and water and rocks.
I decorated herbox with sequins and beads,
it was like a garden,
but without any weeds.

One dreadful incident,
one dreadful day,
I lost my friend,
it would never be the same.

I suppose she just died of old age,
but I knew she loved me,
just the same.

She lies in my flower bed,
in a deep hole,
perhaps heaven took up her soul.

Now, when i look at the sun,
I see Dazzle smiling at everyone.
But I know some day,
up high in the sky,
i will join Dazzle,
when my soul does rise.