Hundreds of decades ago there lived a terrible cold-hearted woman name Tapunzel who called a green mossy dungeon her home. Tapunzel isn’t one of those pink lipped sweethearts who can make any man fall deeply in love with her, oh no, no, no, she is the most awful person in all the land.

One beautiful spring day, Tapunzel was locked in her dusty green dungeon as usual, trying to make a plan so that she could take over the world and murder all those high school hippie’s who made fun of her in pre-school. But for the first time Tapunzel had a visitor and it was no any ordinary visitor it was a very attractive fairy. Her name was Fairy Good Shoes. She had heard about this disgusting little troublemaker and she would like to fix her up, here and there.

When Fairy Good Shoes started to think that Tapunzel was beginning to accept her in the life that she was living, everything changed as quick as you could click two fingers together. Tapunzel started preparing traps for Fairy Good Shoes to land in, but as we all know fairies can fly.

Fairy Good Shoes some day realised that Tapunzel never had any visitors, so she cast a spell that whatever or whoever looked into her blood stained eyes would fall deeply in love with her. Of course Tapunzel had not a clue that Fairy Good Shoes had done this to her because if she told Tapunzel she would go completely crazy.

As Tapunzel took a morning stroll through her dungeon, she heard a sweet voice that sounded outrageous to her right out side her palace (dungeon). The reason Tapunzel didn’t or wouldn’t take the walk outside is that the sun burns her eyes and she becomes blind and beautiful and she doesn’t want that to happen. The sweet voice came closer and closer and closer until Knock! Knock! Knock! That voice was right outside her door.
When Tapunzel had the guts to open the door, and to destroy anything that was out there, she heard “dah-dah-dah-dah!” The prince is here to find her and destroy her. When she opened the door with anger she stared a startled stare. The prince had seen her and Fairy Good Shoes yelled, “NOOOOOO!” But it was too late. He was already madly in love and had already gone all luvie duvie and Tapunzel felt sick. She hated goodie, goodie boys.

Tapunzel knew what that evil fairy had done, and wanted to kill her, but not only her, she wanted to kill that prince as well. “They make a great couple!” she cackled to herself. All she needed was a plan and she was excellent at making those in fact she is an expert.

It was about one week later and Tapunzel had come up with the most ex-wizard plan or as she said, it the most ex-wizard MURDER plan.

It was the day that the happy corpse couple will rest in peace but not if the king had anything to do with it, but he is in another story.

It was the 11th of August 1888 when both the prince and Fairy Good Shoes were invited to Tapunzel’s house for a tea party…but Tapunzel hates tea parties so there was a twist. Tapunzel had poured some of her magic potion into their cups. Both of the little fairy talers sat down on the nicely polished floor drinking their potion.

It is now 2006 and we are in the 20th century and Fairy Good Shoes and the prince haven’t been seen 1888. It is a mystery to be solved, are they alive or did Tapunzel’s plan work?

By Caitlin Ridgway 5P