Tapestry the estry tap!

This is a story about a house hold appliances life. But not just any house hold appliance.

Tapestry was a tap, but not an ordinary tap, but an Estry tap. Tapestry had two friends, Toaster and Muffin.
One day Tapestry became ill, and he didn’t know what to do, so he started making high-pitched whining noises. Toaster and Muffin gave a full inspection of Tapestry, but couldn’t find anything wrong with him, but just to be sure, they called in a doctor…

Dr. Microwave was an expert with these types of things. “Are you sure that you know what you’re doing?” inquired Muffin. “Of course I am, I have done these things before” replied Dr. Microwave in a re-assuring voice. “Muffin, Toaster, may I speak to you outside?” asked the doctor.
“Yes, of course” replied Toaster.
“I have some rather bad news…”

Toaster, Muffin and Dr. Microwave stood outside talking for quite a while and Tapestry started to worry, so again started making high-pitched whining noises. When Muffin and Toaster returned, Tapestry found that the doctor had gone. “What’s the verdict?” asked Tapestry quietly. “Well, it seems that you’re not actually what you seem, in fact nothing is always what it seems…”started Toaster “In other words, Tapestry, you are not a tap, let alone an Estry tap.” Continued Muffin. “You, Tapestry, you are a kettle, and we are not ourselves either, I am Slice of Whole-Grain Bread, and Toaster is Sandwich Griller

“How, how, how could this be, it can’t be true!” they were the words that Tapestry managed to get out. “It jut is” replied Toaster calmly. “I demand to see another doctor” said Tapestry. “Okay”

Dr. Fridge was an expert with these types of things. “Hmm, I see the problem, Tapestry got clogged, did you say you saw another doctor?” asked Dr. Fridge “Yes, Dr. Microwave” replied Muffin “Well, I’m surprised he didn’t see this” “So are we” Toaster said. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to check Dr. Microwave’s verdict on you too” Dr. Fridge said to Slice of Whole-Grain Bread & Sandwich Griller.

“Aha, yet he is wrong again, you are Toaster and Muffin!” the doctor exclaimed!” “YAY!” they screamed.

That’s the end of this story, but you may not of noticed, that story has more than the eye reads. This story has a moral, a moral that says ‘There is more than meets the eye to everything’.