Dark and light

As I look out my bedroom window I wonder why I can’t live my life.
I have everything anyone could hope for,
And yet the clouds are grey and dark

Walking down the street I can see the children playing, parents laughing.
The sun is shining; the clouds part and disappear in a mist of pale blue and white.
It hits me.

I am in fact stopping myself, as if I had put my own feet in chains, disposed of the key.
It is you; it is me who is letting my life down.

Now I have to learn to let the wind blow my hair,
Embrace the rain, sit in the grass, smell the flowers.

After all, life is short and we have to learn, you and me together, to be happy, think positive and spread smiles.

Goodbye to sorrow, goodbye to gloom, because today I am walking out of dark and into the light of today.


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