If you go out in the garden and look around
It’s amazing the things that can be found
By looking under the leaves and rocks;
The trees, and bushes; the roses and phlox.

A whole new tiny world you’ll see,
Teeming with life of every degree:
Worms, slugs, bugs and bees,
Insects and spiders in flowers and trees.

My favourite insect is very small.
But isn’t hard to find at all.
Its colours are gaudy: red, yellow and orange,
With little black spots dotted upon it.

She has six black spiky legs and a little head.
The most common variety is black and red.
Can you guess what she is? I think you can!
A LADYBIRD– that’s right! Isn’t she grand!

Dianne Prince
13 Year old
The Sentinel
108/88 Kavanagh Street
Southbank Vic 3006
Year 7
The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School
234 St Kilda Road
Southbank Vic 3006

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