Mary MacKillop

Mary was born in Fitzroy, Melbourne on the 15th of January 1852.
A very spiritual and loving person who shared her love with many.
Respect was big in Mary and she never showed hatred.
Youth citizens played a very big role in her life.

Memories of this legendary saint-to-be will never be forgotten.
Affectionate to all like a dog who just gave birth to a litter of puppies.
Caring, like a mother to all who knew her.
Knowledge was essential to start up the Sisters of St Joseph’s Schools.
In spite of excommunication, Mary never gave up loving and teaching children.
Life for Mary wasn’t always easy but she never lost her faith.
Love was always in Mary MacKillop and she shared her love of life with everyone.
Opportunities she gave students, helping them to achieve their goals in life,
People will remember Mary MacKillop as a saint who dedicated her life to others.