Fairy tale police department

Fariy Tale Police Dapartment

Chapter 1 Let’s Go “This is the hardest case WE HAVE EVER HAD” shouted Tristan and Layla. They had to get their breath back.
“You better get on to it then” said Chief in an excited voice.
Tristan and Layla raced out the door got in the car and very fast sped down the lane.
When they got to Dumbo Lane they saw the witch she is the person that called chief. They jumped out they were sweating and thirsty.
“What happened” asked Layla.
The Witch was panicking her heart was going so fast “III was um pushing my wheelbarrow that had wood in it then this um three little things they got in my way they were black clothes on and fat. They got all my wood”.

Chapter 2 WHO?
“Ok thanks” said Tristan in a high voice.
“We better go back to the darpartment”. they thought so they raced into the car. They wondered in the car who? They got back from the department they went in they told the Chief what happened. They went on the computer and searched for a fairy tale with 3 things in it, it took a while

Chapter 3 Come On
They got some water and drank it because it was a very hot day they called for backup they silently went up the lane slowly. They got to the 3rd little pigs brick house they put their gear on got out of the car they knocked on the door the backup people went around the back of the brick house. The second pig opened the door Tristan and Layla was dressed up like normal people. Tristan asked if they would like a packet of Oats Tristan and Layla walked in “$3.00 dollars thank you” in a happy voice said Layla the first pig got the money the pigs had black clothes on with bark on their clothes there was wood everywhere Tristan clicked a button on his shorts the backup came in straight away
“YOU’RE UNDER AREST”. everyone said
The backup came in and handcuffed them they put the pigs in the van they went to jail and the pigs stuff went to the witch and the witch never had anything happen like that again.
The End By Keely Mclaren!!!


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