Lack of answers

What do you do when the entire world has abandoned you? What do you say to a friend who has called u worthless? What do you do when all you’ve worked to gain has been spoiled away by an enemy? What do you do when hate has con summed and overwhelmed your mind and soul? What do you say when your parents have left you to struggle for your own?

Do you cry for the pain, the anger and misery? Do u fight to prove them wrong? Who’s to say you won’t fail? If you do are u a failure? Are you a leader for trying? What’s the point f a name? Individuality? What’s to say we wont die today? What happens when we die? Do you cry for your loss or laugh for your release?

Why do we cry? Why do we live? Why are we dependent of each other? Does being strong mean you can’t cry? Does it mean u must laugh when everyone else cries? Who has the answers to all these questions? How do we know they are the right ones?

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