The Magic Ring (And The Flasher)

1st in the 'Imagine That! 1999' competition

Boomm, boomm… footsteps… boomm, boomm. They were getting louder which means only one thing; they're getting closer

Three days ago I was riding my bike when I saw a bright light - which would have been perfectly alright if it hadn't been green. Then out of the green light came a green punk kid who had the lot, Mohawk, earrings, sunnies, goatie and a green flashy thing.

It was the green flashy thing that was the problem. But before I had time to do anything a space ship sucked me up like a vacuum cleaner.

The door swung open on the ship and in stepped the punk kid and two bodyguards that looked like a thing I saw from a horror movie once. I opened my mouth to yell but nothing came out. I reached to my mouth to pull out the teddy that was stuffed in there but there was none. It was then I noticed the kid was about my age. ‘Stand up’, he said. Man, he sure has a deep voice for a 11 year old, I thought I better obey. By the look on his bodyguards’ faces anyone could tell he was serious.

‘I bought you here for a special purpose’, he said.
‘Great!’ I thought.
‘The ancient Dogbone told us that you are the only one who can free us from the evil reign of King Pipsqueak.’
‘The ancient Dogbone?’ I wanted to laugh, but one look at the kid’s face made me think twice. ‘Dogbone is our wisest Counselor. The Pooper Scooper guided us to you.’

I was about to crack up with laughter. He waved the flashy thing at me. I guessed this was the Pooper Scooper. I coughed instead.

‘So why can't you use the flashy thing?’ I asked.
‘You have got the power of the flash.’
‘What do you mean?’ I questioned. ‘I don't have any power, I'm just a kid.’
‘Let me explain. The evil magician, Snorter, hid the power ring in your world. You know the ring you found in the Coco-pops? That fits on the Pooper Scooper and increases the energy field. With its power we can destroy Pipsqueak.’
‘Wait! If I give you the ring, I'll lose my ring and won't get anything for it.’ He gave me a look that would sink the Titanic.
‘We will give you a video game that will make you a multi-millionaire.’

I handed over the ring. He twisted it on the end of the flasher. I noticed he handles it real careful. He gives me a video game named Pipsqueak's ring. I slipped it in my pocket. A door opened in the wall, and I can see my house. I was about to go through, when I turn around.
‘By the way what's your name?’ I ask.
‘Strawberry short cake’ He didn't smile. Neither did I.

Tomorrow I think I'll see the manager of Sony. But I might change the name.


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