Harry The Science Freak And The Secret Garden

One night a little baby boy was born. His grandfather Pete was a scientist but he died before Harry was born. By the time he was seventeen years old he had undergone the Science Tests in Australia for "Under Nineteens". One morning he had to come up with his own chemical.

He went to his grandma Sue's house. He found a key in the drawer that he was sharing with his grandma. He assumed that it led to a garden. he put it in his pocket. All day he was looking for this chemical.

On the way to the city he found a brick wall with a door. The cleaner that was cleaning the cars in the card yard next door said "nobody has been in that garden for 65 years".. He reached into his pocket and got the key out, he put it up to the lock and it was the one! The lock opened!

Harry went back to his grandma's house and put it back. Uh! Oh! Harry's Grandma Sue walked in. She said "Harry Hodgeson, how dare you take that key. Now sit down. You have to sit all the way through one of my old stories, so you know why nobody has been in that garden for nearly 65 years" Grandma Sue said.

" Back in my day, your great grandmother was Queen Elizabeth the, 1st. When she died she requested that she was cremated and for her ashes to be spread over the secret garden and to be locked up, this is why the garden hasn't been looked at for 65 years.

"Now give me the key back before anyone finds out" she whispered. Harry replied, I'll take good care of it don't you worry" and he runs off. Grandma Sue doesn't know where he has gone and gets worried.

He goes to the secret garden with the key to see if it fits. He puts it in the key hole and turns it. The door creeks open and he steps in inside. It was covered with twigs, sticks and dead leaves.

Harry goes looking for the ashes and finds a bottle of apple juice, he drinks it and goes FREAKY and EXTRA intelligent. He junps up and down then falls on a red cross. He digs and finds the remaining ashes of his Great Grandma. "YAY!" Harry said.

He goes home and has a drink of V8 juice. " I feel beter and not so freaky" Harry said. Harry keeps drinking it for six months straight and becomes himself again.

Harry meets a scientist lady named Suzy in the science lab he works at and gets married to her and has two children and he lives Happily Ever After.



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