Halloween Fever

On the third ring, I picked up the phone. It was mum and dad calling on their way to Sydney International Airport. They were going overseas to Hawaii for their 20th wedding anniversary. They rang to see how I was and kept on reminding me to behave while they were away. I assured them that everything would be fine and wished them a great holiday.

It was Halloween today and I had arranged plans to go trick or treating with my two best friends Freddy and Jason that evening. Freddy is a very tall kid who loves a daring challenge. He hates to lose. Jason is the opposite, a very mature kid who always has a smile on his face. He is quite small but is very fit and tough. I had chosen the Ghostface costume with the black cape and pointy, sharp stainless steel knife. I was sure that this would freak some locals out tonight as I scare them when they open their front door.

It was around 6pm when I switched on the TV, waiting for Freddy and Jason to arrive at 7pm. The news was on. I couldn’t believe what I saw with my eyes.
“A curfew will be enforced tonight, following a series of brutal attacks within the Sydney Metropolitan Area. All residents will have to return home no later then 9pm. We apologize for this inconvenience but the NSW police are enforcing this for the benefit of your safety.”
I was in state of disbelief and disappointment. A night I was looking forward to all year ruined by a sick and twisted killer on the loose who should be locked up in a jail cell.

When Jason and Freddy arrived around 7pm in their stylish Halloween costume, I informed them of the situation and their joyful faces turned to anger and frustration. We all finally made light of the scenario and decided to have a contest with a fabulous reward for the winner. Whoever received the most amounts of treats would win the contest. As a reward for the winner, he may choose to either send one of the two boys to run through town after the commencement of the curfew. Or get to claim all the treats from both the boys to keep and eat by yourself. This was a contest not to loose.

Off we ran, down the street then split up in different directions. We made a deal that we would meet back at my place no later then 9pm. It was a dark gloomy night with a brisk wind blowing into my back sending a shiver down my spine. I went to plenty of houses scaring the daylights out of people. One girl gave me half a bag of lollies shaking as she poured them in. At this point I thought I was the scariest guy on the planet. I was now filling up bags by the minute racing in a race against time. I was frightened when I was alone, thinking the killer would spring out of no where and murder me. It was a sick thought but I mentally had to stay calm and think positive. I was racing home with minutes to spare. My body was under intense pressure by the weight of the five bags of goodies I had been given. When we had all returned, it was time for the results. I was shocked by how much Freddy had and I knew this would come down to the wire.

Jason was first to weigh in his goods. The total amount was 18.50kg, an impressive effort.
The next to weigh in was Freddy with his goods weighing a whopping 24.00kg exactly.
I was really under the pump now. As I piled my goods onto the scales I thought of the possible outcomes for loosing. As I nervously awaited the results to appear on the scale I had a butterfly in my stomach. My goods weighed in at an astonishing 25.30kg. I had won. I was proud and cheerful but I knew I had a big decision to make now. After a five minute think I decided to take the treats from both Freddy and Jason. A total of 46.50kg worth of goodies.
“Aaahhhh! That’s so unfair!” shouted Freddy.
“Yeah,”added Jason
“No I think it is fair. It would have been cruel to send one of you running through town with a killer on the loose, risking your lives. Don’t you agree?” I stated.
“I suppose your right,” exclaimed Freddy.
“True,” added Jason.
“Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you both at school on Monday.”

So off went Freddy and Jason to their homes across the road and went to sleep for what turned out to be the best Halloween ever. For me at least.

A week later……. mum and dad returned home from their Hawaiian trip to find a surprise of $300 sitting on the bench from the treats I sold at school and the local markets. This was my gift to them for their special anniversary.


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